Sow What?

During the past week we have received our printed literature, placed our posters around Glasgow and received more information about the sites and the spaces we have to work with.  We have joined the GCVS and our first planning meeting was extremely productive, covering far more ground than anticipated.

Already our basic goals are being met with valuable input and clear direction from members keen to get started.  That’s the first seed sown in terms of enthusiasm and imagination as far as extra-auticultural activities go, so when our crops have been weeded and preened until no more can be done we can look at our schedules and get out and about to get close to nature by many other means.

There has been good feedback in terms of requirements for regulating our sessions and planting ideas so it is much easier now to work with something tangible, while past planning for potential outcomes is proving to have been useful.  A very positive day.