Och Aye, They’re New

Developing interest

Developing interest

Never one to mix metaphors, at the Applefield Beds at Gartnavel we are visualising the mighty Oaks to come from our little Acorns….

The site was developed just last year and used to good effect by the wards, many of which have been inspired to make use of additional space at the top of the hill, so the idea to allow a small number of community groups here has been a real boost for our group.

Early tasks include soil conditioning and we set to on this at the weekend, on a lovely bright, cool day.  There was lots of passing interest from dog walkers who expressed anticipation of observing the development of the site and the plots therein.

A surprisingly small amount of weeding was necessary and completed before turning over the patchy clay soil, before adding sharp sand and some lovely, dark, crumbly soil improver.  We removed a number of stones too and the plan is to continue the process with some soil riddling in between to help remove stones from the soil and hopefully some (in weight) from our waistlines, too.

The wider benefits of the fresh air and activity, as well as brief chats with locals left a really good sense of time well spent and memories of a good night’s sleep after the last session. For quality of life and welcome stepping stones through some potentially difficult times, this can be an accessible and effective place of safety, bringing peace of mind, relief and a true sense of optimism as we plan our crops and our tending their growth as well as our own.