Welcome gift

Welcome gift

The development of the group directly mirrors the nurturing of seedlings into plants and, eventually, the fruits of all your labour, with the memories of the effort featuring in your reflections of the year past and the year ahead.

Our new member, Kath, spread the word about our group and brought along her friend – also called Kath – to visit our sites.  At Bellahouston we were accompanied by beautiful sunshine and a warm welcome from plot neighbours Jack, Jim and Ron from GamH.  Jack, shared the warth of him humour as well as his generosity by giving us packets of seeds to help our new start at the site.  Thank you, Jack!

As the ‘Kaths’ planned their gardening goals they recognised the many other interests they share, all of which can be accommodated by our great facility.  The garden and nature within and around it, inspires.  We saw this in action as their plans for the summer ahead began to grow and take shape.

During the week we planted out more herbs at each site and began making arrangements to meet up with new members Debbie and Frazer in the week ahead.  We’ll be glad of their help as our crops are begging to go in the ground.  Mark has more crops in his care at home and I’m ready to take over our potatoes and onions.  Seedlings are doing well too, so we can intercrop to keep down weeds and attract beneficial insects, while some planting will deter or even snare unwanted critters, while looking attractive on site.

So. all in all, we are developing firm foundations and fixing our roots and while we encounter some frostiness and inclemency, the sun also shines, our members smile and already have results of their efforts of which they can be proud – and this is just the beginning.  Smile.