43 feet In the Heat

Mellow YellowThat’s a measurement and a location.  43 feet is the length of space we have in the Bellahouston polytunnel which was very, very warm on Monday despite early, heavy showers.  Width is probably 4/5 feet and the earth was in need of a fair amount of work but what a workout! In between gasping for air and water, our wheelbarrow, donated to us by Jan from Glasgow Allotments Forum, received a coat of undercoat paint before being treated to our familiar summer yellow.  We won’t lose it in any hurry, consequently….

This all meant that we have been able to begin the process of transporting our various projects from our respective homes, so we have a variety of salads ready for the time to be planted as well as Dwarf Beans and a selection of house plants with much more to come.

Meanwhile… our onions are doing really well – planted as a thank you to Elizabeth for her early support of our plans.  She knows her onions, thank goodness and will be treated to a bunch or two when they’re ready.  Our extremely late planting of garlic is doing well too, and our potatoes have made a first tentative peep through into the big wide world above ground.

We have acquired extra beds which have been weeded and our paths at Gartnavel have received attention for their next part of the process, towards turning them into an aromatic treat beneath our feet. Our strawberry plants have arrived and there is more good news in the pipeline too, though, for now, we are forging links to fulfill our arts and crafts brief – an important element in our encouragement of self expression.

You get a good night’s sleep after a satisfying day at the plots!  zzzzzzzzzzzzz