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Way ahead...

Way ahead…

Think back over the past three months and how quickly that time has passed. Goals and ambitions, jobs and dreams and just how much has happened in that short space of time.  It was one such ‘mindful’ moment this morning when the realisation dawned on me that our group is just about three months old, now.

Not much could happen until we had an assurance of some ground to work and from that point when we were granted two sites by two different site managers, within seven days – everything has taken off in a very, very positive way.  That’s not to say it has all been plain sailing but then that meets with one of our primary goals, which is to use our experience of setting up our group to note reactions, support and obstructions, so we may compile credible guidelines for anyone on the spectrum who wishes to create a group of their own, with shared values and interests, to build our network of good examples and self-motivators.

We’ve encountered excitement, derision and downright unpleasantness – all of which is made worthwhile by the feedback about the group from the people who matter – the members.  We can reflect on some significant achievements in three short months and on our communications with groups and supportive individuals worldwide – thanks to social media – and more locally to some significant plans for ongoing engagements which certainly meet with our ethos.

Our plans have one main driver and our motivation remains that whatever path our activities may follow, the end result is that everyone wins, in the end, and I’ve truly met some winners in this few short months as members are drawn to something that clearly works.  We have some exciting challenges over the next few months and it is clear that our network is spreading in many more ways than we thought possible, so we continue to learn too, as we understand nature, we understand life – of course.

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