A Meeting of Minds

Auticulture-NetworkFor a group that can struggle with social communication, we’ve done a lot of talking and a lot of planning over the past few weeks – and with very interesting results.  First we would like to thank the ladies from the Barnardo’s Apna Project for their reciprocal visit this week.  It was a real pleasure to visit their gardening area with raised beds and see their already successful planting and we really look forward to working together to increase the range of planting and activities for all of us.

Our involvement with the Centre for Contemporary Arts – CCA – Glasgow, is also beginning to yield some impressive plans as we team up with the amazing Bakery 47 and Tchai Ovna for the forthcoming CCA ‘Cooking Pot’ initiative – which promises a longer term collaboration than initially visualised, so keep watching for details of how you can join in during September and October …and beyond, thinking of the wonderful aromas. Mmmm.

Our new members are busy working on introducing their contributions to our range of activities, so we can reveal all soon there too  and we are crossing our fingers for the next exciting phase of the Green Man project, courtesy of ‘the Kaths’. Intrigued? So are we but we know we’re in safe hands.  Meanwhile, move over Spielberg, our man Michael is ‘focusing’ on filming our activities and much, much more to overload your senses just that little bit more than usual.  We hope to have the first of our new films for your delight…erm sometime – well, we are quite busy.

Thanks are also due to the wonderful Go Go Gordon for attempts to straighten our wonky but characterful shed without swearing and continued thanks to our man Mark for steering our ship of hope to continued success and for sharing his cookery skills with fellow Auticulturist Sam.  Happy days!