Roll Up, Roll Out…

Experimenting with ingredients

Experimenting with ingredients

The recipe for success is hope, determination, challenge, teamwork and wholesome good fun. Added extras like a bit of thought and a lot of good will make all the difference too, and in our very specific ‘thinking out of the box’ way, we at Auticulture Network are expanding our thoughts, our minds and our cultural pursuits in a way that builds links with many people in a way that is accessible to as many people as possible.

On Monday, September 14th between 10am and 1pm UK time, a group of us will get together, meet new people and bake bread, which may sound like a nice but odd thing to do but consider our goals overall.  Many autistics have experienced feelings of isolation and difficulty among social groups but so have many people who are not autistic.  Many autistics strive to meet goals but have to overcome many obstacles first but so do many people who are not autistic.

That list can go on a long way but the point is that we all share the common thread of ‘difference’ and that is the element that makes us individual, special, unique.  Some would seek to turn that into a negative, so that ‘different’ becomes identified as something wrong but I suspect that’s just a diversionary tactic used by frantic people unable and unwilling to face their own difference – the very thing that could make them special.  It’s understandable.  To truly accept who you are, with all your idiosyncrasies, flaws, foibles, weaknesses and strengths means you have to have courage to undertake a very arduous personal journey.  Many give in at the first hurdle so resent those who do not.

Despite that, there will remain commonalities between the very many ‘types’ of people wherever they are and the making and sharing of food, in particular – bread, is a feature common among humans on every continent, of every creed, colour and belief.  Think of the many types of bread within your culture, then of others.  They reflect the lives led by the people who bake and eat them.  Each different, each vital, each inspiring different outcomes – just like the ingredients of the breads themselves.

So do join us on Monday whenever you can, wherever you are and celebrate the sameness of our differences across the world.  Join in this special event.  Make, bake and share online. Enjoy.

Our many thanks to Viviana Checcia of CCA Glasgow and Sam and Anna of Bakery47 for making this possible.

And, of course, very special people everywhere…






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