Come, Come Again

Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow.

Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow.

Buoyed by the amazing success of our recent event ‘Rise to the occasion’ in conjunction with CCA and Bakery 47, we can look forward to a cup of tea there, next, this time working with the amazing tea blending talent of Tchai Ovna in #SomethingBrewing.

That’s on 12th October but meanwhile we have crops to harvest and winter plans to make – not least of which will be the planning of our Green Man project which will commence with the carving of one of the stumps from the trees felled in Bellahouston Park.  We hope this will be the first of many carvings so a Green Man trail can be created for those who like an amble.

Our gardening and nature inspired Arts and Crafts are soon to commence as winter draws on – in every sense.  A great many thanks to all members who worked so hard attending meetings and tending crops during my holiday – truly a group effort.