Making It Happen

Ecological Calendar (Chris Hardman)

Ecological Calendar (Chris Hardman)

Chatting at Bellahouston, before the early fall of darkness, our thoughts turned to the recent shifting of our rather large, wooden compost bays to the edge of our plot to make way for the re-installation of the pond, which had to be removed to make way for the new gates.  Naturally, this led on to our plans for new raised beds and a reconfigured flat-zone with easy access, lean posts and seating to accommodate wider needs.  The planning part is a wonderful thing to share and all we need now is a dry spell to crack on with the work.

That may require some wait, so, in the meantime, we reviewed our eight months of action from our initial meeting to our collaborations with the Apna Project, CCA, bakery47 and Tchai Ovna and very welcome support and advice from Jan at the Glasgow Allotments Forum, Mary from the Hamiltonhill Group and Elizabeth from the ARC.  Our crops have been successful, on the whole and we’ve made new friends and learned a great deal from each other.

It’s been interesting to see how both individual projects have taken shape as well as our communal efforts for open days and fundraising events – where our team really went the extra mile, overcoming a dislike of crowds and noise to show willing for the group.  it’s been humbling and heart-warming and has led to members helping out each other with cookery lessons, hiking trips and other outings – just as it should be.

So we’re into another round of event-planning and as usual the team is thinking out of the box and planning how to fulfil all of these ambitions and burgeoning talents – well, just watch this space, there’s lots to come.  A gardener’s work isn’t over just because it’s heading into winter, you know.