Whatever the Weather

Blackcurrant Sage still going strong.

Blackcurrant Sage still going strong.

We expect rain in Glasgow – lots of it – and we’re certainly getting it now but yesterday gave a little late sunshine and mildness before the darkness set in.  Today, A tidy in the polytunnel was planned to escape the rain but it didn’t arrive until the day’s tasks were complete, allowing plenty of time for sketching plans for the forthcoming new beds and cold frames.

The plan will make our spaces more user-friendly and take into account the prevailing winds, especially now we have another entrance to the site, creating another opening in the wall.  I’m surprised by how well our herbs are still flourishing, given the chilly nights we’ve had and the amount of rain but they seem to like where they are, which bodes well.

So, a few more practical tasks to complete before the snows arrive and then we can turn our hands to other activities, among which planning our events for next season and developing our new sites.  So whatever the weather we’ll be keeping busy and with a growing team – literally – many hands will make light work of the challenges ahead.  Before we know it, it’ll be Spring again.