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Whichever way the wind blows - on we go!

Whichever way the wind blows – on we go!

Auticulture Network didn’t exist this time last year but it was soon to set seed for a year of discovery, building connections, winning confidence and realising many aspirations.  The simplest ideas usually prove to be the best – and the ones most readily recognised for their value by those with values.  We’ve attracted the attention of the less well-intentioned too but we see that as a weird kind of nod to our success.   We’ve covered a lot of ground and opened the way for our members to create their own experience and rewards – why would anyone want to hamper that?

It’s nature in all its glory and we look forward to commencing our second year with new projects, new events, new collaborations and new facilities to share with our new members. You won’t believe what’s yet to come but we’ve overcome so many obstacles together, no wonder we’re protective of all that we’ve worked for – Well done team!  Time to start putting our plans into action!


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