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Developing interest

Developing interest

One year ago, today, Auticulture Network secured tenancy at our first site. This was at the Applefield Beds and last week I met up with other tenants including some new faces. It is amazing how much pleasure can be derived from a small plot of land and that pleasure goes far beyond the physical act of gardening. There is the thought and planning that returns experiments and projects, and simply the thought of having that space to retreat to, when the world seems too much to deal with, can be hugely beneficial.
You needn’t be an expert, just interested in having a go and seeing what aspect appeals the most, so you can create your own strategies for managing your own well being and take them wherever is necessary. Our spaces are there for each person to derive the benefits they need at the time they need them, safe from intrusion but with support on hand as and when required.
The natural environment is by far the most appropriate setting for countless small miracles to take place. The natural cycles of life are everywhere to be seen, supplying analogies that help us to figure out our way through challenges, enjoy feelings of renewal and establish clarity for moving forward in life. The support is mutual but the successes are most definitely individual and self created, which is incredibly empowering and carries with our gardeners far beyond our spaces into the whole of life.
It’s amazing what an individual can achieve, just given the space and the time; the freedom and the right encouragement. Amazing.

We extend our thanks to Anna and Fiona for having shown trust and faith in our new group a year ago and for their continued encouragement, helping us to flourish.

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