Clear progress

Clear progress

Thursdays seemed to be our significant day, last year, as a week on from the confirmation of our first site at the Applefield Beds, we met representatives from the other groups within the community allotments inside the beautiful walled garden at Bellahouston and were accepted into the fold and shown our plot, which was bigger than expected.

From then on we acquired a share of a large polytunnel, two sheds, tools and were gifted a really good range of crops to set out and grow – courtesy of Jan and the Glasgow Allotments’ Forum. Now, we have a greenhouse ready for construction and new members waiting to visit our sites.

We really focus on the shared and mutual benefits created and enjoyed by our members, and our formula is clearly working.  It’s about breaking it all down to the basics of what is needed – and understanding that will vary from person to person.  We remain adamant, though, that the focus on nature will help to find answers that lead each person to develop their own plan, supported as required, left in peace when needed but always in the protected spaces we’ve created together. No-one dominates, everyone creates.

It works – and that is all that matters.  Creating something good for yourself that works without any negative impact on others is your achievement! Pure, simple and honest. Well done team!

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