All of life is...

All of life is…

Last year our gardeners took their interests and ambitions a little further outside the box by facing the challenges posed by social situations and demands of creating events through which we would collaborate with esteemed partners such as Tchai Ovna Tea House, bakery47 and CCA Glasgow via the ‘COOKING POT’ programme.  This really worked,  giving our members more confidence to try new experiences and deal with new situations and by focusing on an aspect important within our group – community.  We set out to demonstrate the importance of diversity within our communities across Glasgow.  We used the analogy of the different ingredients used to create blends of tisanes, and basic sourdoughs were embellished with various additional ingredients to reveal the difference in results.

This year, on Friday 4th March 2016 at 7pm we will be gathering to contemplate the task of trying to fit into a community from different situations – the challenges and rewards. We have found these events have helped to change many misconceptions about autism and, so, hopefully we can raise awareness of the value and rewards of individualism within a community.  Being different within any community can bring its challenges.  If you look different, sound different or your understanding and behaviour are different – it can mark you out for better or for worse.

Different from what, though? You, out there, who are not different – take a look at each other.  Do you all look alike, sound alike, understand everything the same way?  If that were so we’d have a very dull but unified world free of conflict, wouldn’t we?  So, that clearly not being the case.

One man alone is to blame for this worldwide confusion and disharmony – Social Norm is his name.  Where he is, no one can say, yet he is everywhere.  No one can put their finger on how he dominates without sounding a little ridiculous but that’s the way it is because…well, because it is. There.

Thankfully, the enlightened will be gathering, free of prejudice and full of bonhomie, sharing stories, hope, friendship and sharing music – so bring you friends and instruments for some good-hearted,  jamming fun with a message.  There really is #APlaceForEveryone  so come along.  If that’s not enough, there are the world teas and vegetarian delights for which Tchai Ovna is famous and Glasgow, Indie, Folk band Flying Penguins!  We especially welcome those new to Glasgow, setting up home and a new life – what a way to begin.  See you there to share some of the simpler things of life.  Understanding. We understand nature help us understand human nature and understand life.  It works.


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