A space of your own...

A space of your own…

There was a huge amount of interest in our little stand at AutismCon at Friends’ Meeting House, Euston Road, London, last week.  It was a chance to let people know we’re not just a gardening group for autistics in Glasgow but we use gardening and nature as a focus for their calming effects.  From there on, you can chat, share experiences, create your own projects or routines which can be as varied as Mindfulness to photography – there’s more to a gardening group than gardening!

Also of interest was our rolling out use of our spaces to benefit the partners and family of our members, as we’re all in the same mix, albeit from different perspectives. Everyone feeling relaxed and less isolated as they meet up back at home can surely only be beneficial all-round.

Also, we removed the idea that we’re expecting people from around the whole of the UK to travel up to Glasgow to join in.  No, we want people to see how far the benefits can spread and set up their own group to join our network, where we can share a greater spread of information and experience.

Other organisations, some local to us, showed a great interest in our activities, so it will be interesting to see how that translates into action.  We’re not a competitive group but a collaborative group and our collaborations have been quite diverse, as you will know if you’ve followed our activities.  Indeed, on the evening that I traveled to London to speak about the spread of our network, our first event of the year was taking place in Tchai Ovna and this was a great example of how a gardening and nature appreciation group can open doors to satisfying many needs and interests…our spectrum of interests is very, very broad indeed.

Anyhow, we will soon have our guidance documents up for download and we look forward to many more people enjoying the restorative qualities of the natural environment and all that brings with it – the only limit is your own imagination!

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