Time & Space

Time to grow...

Time to grow…

Throughout history nature has inspired imitation by the countless who have taken the time to observe and reflect on its wonders.  Find a garden, or any natural space that’s to your liking and you can benefit from it’s calming effects, its stimulating effects, the space to think and clear your head and everything that brings for you.

That step back can bring the refocus necessary to realise situations and solutions and offer insight to what it is we really want and need from life.  Our natural spaces provide all that we need to change life for the better; from within ourselves and for ourselves with a little help when necessary.

The discussions we share in our groups can be life changing and our focus on the natural environment and our common love of it, translated into our developing  garden spaces, encompasses the universal need to discover our place in the world, its effect upon us and our effect upon it. The scope for onward thinking, self motivation and self management is boundless.

Our natural spaces set the perfect scene for finding commonalities that are startling in their obviousness and simplicity and from there we find our own way through life with new confidence and new fulfillment.  It’s that simplicity and honesty that works so well and from which we are so easily distracted by modern life.  That’s why we hold the mantra – understand nature, understand life.  After all, we are just a part of nature and the combined power of nature has more control over us as individuals than many realise but we have our part to play – so we’ll choose to work with it.  It’s a natural choice.


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