Nature’s Cycles


Another of the endless ways we can reflect on nature’s beauty…

For some time, now, I’ve been keen to get back into the saddle of my bike and rediscover the sense of freedom enjoyed so much in years gone by. In Amsterdam, recently, I couldn’t resist having a go but only felt comfortable doing so by joining up with a group for a tour.

Back home, my appetite had been whetted, especially when passing an attractive building that was being refurbished for use by a cycling organisation called Free Wheel North.  It sat in the back of my mind until one of our group members suggested the very same place as a means to starting a cycling group specifically for autistic adults. He’d even tested the waters and had a positive response…the result of which is a very helpful new ally named Colin with enough enthusiasm for getting people outdoors and onto their bikes as I have cobwebs to be blown away.

Now, we’ve been forward thinking about how this will progress.  From the cycling point of view, Free Wheel North has access to facilities and the skills available to take us from aspiring cyclists, wary of balance issues, rules and regulations and hills – oh, the hills of Glasgow – (but they are part of the reward for the effort we make) to become confident and safe cyclists, able to get out and explore.  The more vigorous of our members can be taken right up to the more extreme end of cycling challenges and everything in between.

It’s free too.  Group members may borrow a bike, tricylce, tandem – whatever suits and if they like it there is a good chance we could develop into bike refurbishment, learning new skills along the way, as well as general maintenance of our bikes.

As a fan of tenuous links – we have some good cycle paths along the canals and rivers leading to some of our local nature treasures, so we can explore these and even cycle between some of our gardening sites that sit very conveniently near to some decent routes – while there is even a distant hope of extending an existing route right through the lovely Daldowie…

So, at 11am, on the 22nd April, if you see a crowd of us gathering at the White House, 1641 Maryhill Road, Glasgow, please take a note how red are our faces and come back a few weeks later to see the difference as we become fitter, healthier, enthused and regenerated.  It’s just an outcome from trusting in Nature’s Cycles.

If you’re around Glasgow, autistic and thinking of joining us, we’ll be heading out each Friday from 11am.