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In touch with our routes...

In touch with our routes…

While the weather has provided much-needed refreshment for our plants – and the plants that nature chooses will join us, too! – we’ve been busy behind the scenes welcoming new members and introducing existing members to other aspects of our group, such as our fortnightly cycling group and our burgeoning Arts and Crafts Group.

Project ideas from members have been coming in thick and fast too, so you can look forward to members’ reports on these – ranging from the development of a garden for dye plants, which will feed into our arts interests – to some very specific culinary goals which will feed, …well, …us!

The Herb Nest, planned as a restful retreat to meet many of our very precise needs is another joy in the making and we’re not very long back from our latest cycling group meeting, for which the rain held off just long enough and the sun warmed our faces to be cooled by the fresh, gentle breeze.

Our autism friendly cycling group gives us really useful knowledge of the cycle routes around Glasgow running nearby our gardens ( I’ve been asked not to call them sites as it sounds so industrial – and quite right too!) and we see an amazing array of natural beauty along the ways through our Dear Green Place.  Today we saw the best of the Rosa Rugosa, Common Blue Damselfly and Bees galore; swallowed a couple of flies between us, too, as well as learning how to mend a bike chain, but the trip was lovely and we observed so much about our City and the resilience and beauty of nature within our urban landscapes.  This sits in the mind to help us connect with nature beyond our group, while carrying out the mundane tasks of daily life.  We’ve spotted things we’d normally miss in the hurry of a normal day but now we’ll enjoy them again and again, having enjoyed them in this way.


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