Time Out!

Insect haven

Insect haven

Should anyone in Glasgow need it, here’s a little reminder of the exceptionally beautiful weather we enjoyed on Thursday, before the onset of the winds and the rain. Jack and Mark took full advantage of the opportunity to get on with some successional sowing and I got to see the new trolley – fully constructed, thanks to Clan McCabe – well done gents and thanks!

We took a little time to admire the red stalks of our Sprouts as well as the red veins in the leaves of the Beetroot and checked out the various fruits coming along nicely, too. Herbs seem to develop really well in our gardens and here is a shot of a little haven for beneficial insects, including: Agastache, Comfrey, Angelica and Lovage.

What wonderful names. See if you can make out which is which and remember, the sunshine is never far away, so keep a little in your heart and your mind!




'Onya' Trolley

‘Onya’ Trolley




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