Work it Out.

How will this keep the doctor away?

How will this keep the doctor away?

When an apple fell on his head, Isaac Newton recognised the gravity of the situation, instantly. Mother Nature had provided inspiration that was to change his and our understanding of the world – and she continues to do so every day, countless times, in countless ways – around the world.

Now, when I first encountered mindfulness, a few years ago, it occurred to me that I’d already been gardening in a ‘mindful’ way for years. How often had I begun a job, only to lose 20 minutes when some distraction of nature drew my attention towards the wonders of the here and now – a bird tugging on a worm or a spider spinning a web. Hiking, for me, wasn’t about destination or speed until I had to make up time for all my stops to observe moss or the pattern in a stone or the grain of wood. Sitting in a room for a meeting was a chance to watch the sky change constantly, while the meeting changed little if anything. These things left me feeling better than I had, previously.

A good walk clears the mind – it’s often said. Our cycling trips leave us exhilarated and marveling at the new relationship we enjoy with our Glasgow landscapes and our gardening sessions provide space to attune to a more balanced, less anxious perspective. A good digging session works out those knots in tense muscles and the details of how many projects have been worked out; inspired by our natural environment?

I don’t know, either, but our honest, simple focus yields great results for those who manage to work out the value of our group; the space alone and the help on hand when needed. It’s empowering to create your own plan and see it through in your own way – a way that leads to broadened horizons and expanded knowledge and ever-greater confidence and fulfillment. It goes with you and stays in your mind and your heart.

When a key broke in a padlock on Monday, it caused a bit of a quandary but the necessary steps were taken and people informed. Before long, though, the combined efforts of the team set to solving the problem and – you know what? They managed to work it out.


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