Open Doors

Open doors await you

Open doors await you

When you’re down or anxious or reacting badly to some occurrence, it can leave you feeling trapped within your own mind and body and is quite suffocating. Establishing a plan to exit this feeling at such a time can leave you feeling like all the doors have been closed to you. The world’s dogma seems to make everything impossible but that’s other people’s dogma and the world itself is there, waiting to assist you whenever you need a little lift (or a big one).

The sounds of the weather can leave you in wonder at its force or even its gentleness, when sounds carry for miles, and the sky and clouds can take you away for just long enough to want to step out into nature, find your spot and find a little more peace to balance the mind. It’s a personal journey of discovery and we find our gardening spaces can give us those private, uninterrupted moments but with friendly support on hand should it be needed.

Connections are formed between people with some understanding of our feelings and needs but, more importantly, connections are formed in our own minds; in our own time and in our own way and life begins to reveal the doors open to us, the choices we can take and the progress we can make ourselves.

Reconnecting with the earth and all the wonders of nature is, literally, grounding. We can find ourselves and rediscover strength to make our own successes on our own terms. Individually, our projects take form. Together we create events to push us just that little bit further. In this process we create good memories, some of which might just help us to glide through a tricky patch in the future. Our spaces are safe from any dominance or interference and we can get on in the way we need – and this is special.

I was reminded of this while sheltering (belatedly) in our shed, from the rain. The rain was warm and the wind was strong, making the classic whooshing sounds I love so much. I was tired from working but felt satisfied and it seemed like the best of luxuries; away from it all.


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