Looking Up!

Looking Up!

Our newest bit of kit is almost complete ready for a very particular project to commence next and in preparation now and we’re hugely grateful for a very generous donation of equipment from Barbara and David – Thank you!

We’ve been looking back over our collaborations with other groups and organisations that identified and developed skills among our membership that we can build on together. We’re grateful that we can share the responsibilities and focus on what is manageable for our members at any given time – and time is often in short supply when demands and goals are so often defined by budgets and protocols.

Time is something we have in abundance along with space and understanding – our triad of requirements for gaining or regaining clarity, focus and best achievable self-management – with a little help from our friends.

Our rules are minimal; respect for other members’ freedom to use our spaces and facilities without interference or unexpected arrivals, so we can reassure members of group size and who will be present as well as what outstanding communal tasks may be worked on or how personal projects can be pursued.

It just means we can be clear about what to expect and there’s no requirement to do anything more than relax in a way that carries you back into your daily routine ready to deal with life feeling refreshed and restored. Our spaces allow for working alone or communally or even just to sit and experience the sounds and sights of our beautiful natural environment.

The wind in the trees often mimics white noise that helps filter the effects of a busy life, leaving you with a feeling of having ‘reset’ and grounded yourself so you can face the world again.

This is echoed with our cycling group. You have your own space yet feel part of the group, safe, happy, even exhilarated and the sights we enjoy stay with us to ad to many happy memories. This really sets the tone for our varied but relevant activities, be they one-off events or regular happenings. Happy memories can carry you a long, long way but realising your potential in your own way and your own time, among friends, is a truly satisfying.


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