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Full Steam Ahead to 2017! The Waverley as seen during one of our autism-friendly cycling group outings.

Full Steam Ahead to 2017!
The Waverley as seen during one of our autism-friendly cycling group outings.

One of the many things our members have in common is the realisation that we all need a space just to be, free of intrusion, free to think. It’s paramount.  Alone or knowing you’ll be among like-minded people who respect your privacy as much as your presence – it doesn’t matter.

In our spaces, we enjoy the natural environment for many reasons from its calming qualities to all it inspires in us. Gently encouraged, we can take the time to deal with our lives and situations as necessary, as they change through the year and our sharing of experiences is heart-warming, sincere and profoundly beneficial. We grow – as individuals, together and as gardeners, artists, whatever is sparked from within us to make us feel more whole.

We can all look back on our year to recall happy moments – shared and individual – that carry us through tougher times and build resolve, optimism and capacity to face the world we’re very much a part of. We’ve seen some great personal projects come to fruition this year, with some garden architecture, the development of a truly liberating cycling group, which has brought many practical benefits and skills to help us in daily life – thanks Billi, Colin, John and Free Wheel North for that – oh, and we had some crops, too!

We now have three trained Walk Leaders for outings next year – thanks to Paths for All and, with the amazing support of Viviana From the CCA, again we shared music, food and stories through events at Tchai Ovna, where Rio played his bagpipes, The Britannia Panoptican Music Hall, where we enjoyed Jane’s band and a range of fabulous readings from Nalini Paul, Robin Cairns and Selina Hales – thank you all, and to all at Kinning Park Complex for hosting and delivering a great collaborative get together.

We enjoyed Doors Open Day at Bellahouston, gained and shared knowledge on permaculture, first-aid and Autism from a practitioner’s perspective…dry stone walling and meeting the Scottish Gardeners’ Forum at Gardening Scotland, as well as sharing the word about our group at AutismCon in London and the ARC Autism Awareness Event in Glasgow. Thanks to Sustrans Scotland for supporting and highlighting our autism friendly cycling group, too. We’re all much ‘better-balanced’ people for all our efforts this year and look forward to more in the year ahead! Well done, everyone. You did it! 😎


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