Spring Forth

Give a sapling the right support and it will become strong through its flexibility and experience. Stifle its growth and it will never thrive.

From time to time we receive very kind comments on our ‘model’ and we have seen how our events can engage members of our local community with insight and understanding about autism, changing many misconceptions in a very positive way, while our members employ new and existing skills that help them to realise their potential.

We invite people to join us in the same spirit that makes our group work and it’s a matter of choice whether to do so or to emulate our ways elsewhere. What makes our experiences so valuable comes less from the language used to explain them but more from the very individual pathways opened as a means of self empowerment and the enthusiasm to share this with other autistic people, who are also just trying their best to get through life. This can only happen when it is entirely selfless and sincere.

So behind any activity focused on autism, there will be an intention that will make or break its value and the potential of facilitating true benefits for so many – and it’s wise to be clear on this point. Together, we’re looking for ways through this world of ours, not a fix, not a perfect system or to become perfect beings. We celebrate our diversity, learn from it and feel refreshed by our acceptance and understanding of ourselves by learning from each other in ways that suit us at the time. We look for examples that inspire us and it was a lack of these from the expected and more vocal sources that brought us together and helped us to realise that our recognition of this situation meant we can draw inspiration from each other and realise our own strengths – and so it is.

We keep it natural, simple, and we get on 😎


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