Early Summer


In the final run up to full summer we’ve had scorching sunshine – luckily, coinciding with our garden gathering – and torrential rain, too. I really like the beating sound of the rain and the whoosh of fresh air it brings. The sound is often very like the breeze in the trees that I find relaxing and which I like to bring to the attention of the group, should it have the same, calming effect for others.

Sensory differences can often be very pleasing and I like to visit Kelvingrove Art Gallery to satisfy some of these, not least the sound and reverberation from the famous T C Lewis Organ, which is played every day. I like to spot how instruments and music can mimic many sounds of nature and this week learned that particular notes played, which I could hear perfectly well, couldn’t be heard by others – unless they are teenagers or dogs!

Which drew my recall back to this Wellington Boot sculpture in the Children’s Museum section, near the seating for the organ recital. A good bit of fun and an interesting perspective on what we can do with our old Wellies, should we fancy a bit of a change!

Wellington is ready for anything!!












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