See The Light

Felt like Graham Obree – overcoming adversity!
This is his bike in the Scottish National Museum in Edinburgh.

There was a solar eclipse across the Pond, this week and many say that this can affect people in the strangest of ways…well I’m beginning to believe that, now.

This week, after spending time in our garden at Bellahouston and enjoying the usual friendly chat with our neighbours we hear from them, the next day, that they’ve ‘cleared OUR plot, wrecking the herbs we bought and developed over the past couple of years. Experiments with seedlings are lost, too.

Then I learned that so-called professionals from an autism service have been rubbishing our work – well because our members can achieve results from their own efforts without the hefty price tag of offices, wages and the rest of the BS.

Now, that has led to some of our members being upset, so well done again, ‘professionals’. HOWEVER!!!!

This has brought about such great suggestions from our members about how to move on from these incidents and prepare for the Bellahouston Demonstration Garden Open Day on September 14th between 12-3pm.

Coincidentally, I was able to enjoy the good company of our members and other new friends at a monthly social and this really helped me feel more positive, so thank you all. Today I met with friends with enthusiasm, energy and pure, unconditional decency who shared great ideas for our garden and positive suggestions to turn a potential disaster into a new phase for moving forward.

The result is a forthcoming group for carers and parents, art sessions, gardening sessions for autistic children and lots of positive energy – which I needed for our autism-friendly cycling group this afternoon!

After the lightening, thunder and rain early this morning, who would have believed hoe beautifully the sun would shine for us on our ride, today? The breeze was so welcome, the heat was energising and all of the unpleasantness of miserable people fell away as we rode along, trying out different routes and figuring out future possibilities.

We are hugely indebted to Free Wheel North for such incredible patience, good will and the lovely rides and support we receive – thank you, all. After days of adversity, today, I felt like I’d really come through – like Graham Obree 😎


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