Being Open

Moss Graffiti smiling on our efforts

We live in confusing times. Not just for autistic people but for everyone. As an autistic person it baffles me why so many support clear deceit and dishonesty (I know, it’s ‘the way’) but it’s considered normal while selfless efforts for the good of others can often be viewed with suspicion or hindered for no sensible reason so we find ways to transcend this nonsense – but HEAR THIS!!

As part of Glasgow Doors Open Day 2017, our garden at Bellahouston Park opened to the public, with each member group working so hard and so successfully to create an enjoyable event for all to share. It was communal, mutually beneficial in many ways and an example of people working together, honestly and selflessly.

Sandy – the Bwana of the Bellahouston demonstration Garden – to go with its proper title, co-ordinated all our groups’ efforts with skill, patience and precision and we have much to thank him for – not least his encouragement and understanding of our individual foibles. All of the member groups have been friendly, on hand and supportive while managing our own parts of the whole and for our part many thanks are due to Mark and Gary for adding such value to the interest, beauty and productivity of our gardens – all very much appreciated by visitors. In the preparations of the new beds, many thanks go to Gordon, Frazer, Gary and Sarah for a wonderful achievement. Our spaces are much more easily accessible and manageable and well on the way to true, lasting beauty.

Jane prepared so much for our arts and crafts, providing goods for the day as well as a card-making workshop at the event and arranging for her musical friends the Slush Puppies to provide musical entertainment. Thank you all, too. Thanks are due to Janet and Kim for womanning the stall and to Rita for delicious Tablet, which went down a treat!

Gary’s Herb Nest was very popular as were his Free Wishes and Bubbles and Frazer’s Garden Arts for children were very, very popular and will become a more regular feature of what we have to share in our garden spaces. It was so good to see so many friends come to give their support to our efforts and we shared a happy time together as well as meeting new people and forging new links for future collaborations. Thank you all.

This all took place exactly two years since our collaborative event with the bakery47 project, when we used the analogy of a basic sourdough to represent all that we share as humans, then adding our individual choices of ingredients to create character and personality which we shared over tea and chat. As that project draws to an end to move towards the next stage, the integrity of our shared principles stand strong and resilient. With the right people and the right spirit and desire we can make wonderful things happen for ourselves and each other. So well done to all who make the effort to make good. It’s the best way to use our energy, time and effort. Here’s to the next stage!


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