Space to grow

Anyone who joined us last week for our annual open day at the Bellahouston Demonstration Garden is likely to remember the groups of children heading up for garden arts and crafts with Frazer. Plants, soil and recycled plastic bottles crafted into planters galore brought a characteristic down to earth touch and many, many smiles. Well done Frazer!

We’ve had a lot of interest from parents and carers who would like this to become a regular activity and so it will, beginning soon to be ready for the off in Spring. Use our contact form to register interest and we’ll keep you up to date with activities – or watch our Events page.

The beauty will be a consideration of all concerned, while autistic children get a chance to play and discover the garden, the grown ups have a chance to swap experiences, chat, enjoy activities of their own and lift some of the burdens of daily life among a friendly group. We all learn, so we all grow – constantly – and we help each other in the way a strong community should, in small but significant ways, so we all get our chance to shine and we all benefit.

Frazer’s group is an introduction to the enjoyment of the outdoors, fun and play and that’s a pleasure to all who witness it. He has planned many activities and our group is here to support and make the space in our garden. See how he makes it work – it will be smiles all round!

Definitely something to look forward to 😎

A very particular and characteristic mode of expression!


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