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Later this week, we’ll be inviting a few friends along to discuss use of our lovely spaces next year for younger autistic people, as well as allowing an opportunity for their grown-ups to meet for a few activities and a chin-wag of their own, too, so everyone leavers having enjoyed a natter, a few activities, relaxing and reducing any sense of isolation which can creep in all too easily.

We’ll sort out anything raised in feedback to ensure a hassle-free, fun and beneficial regular session is created by the users for the users, honestly and without any sense of competition that also seems to creep in whenever you try to create something good.  Well, as we’ve found with our main group run by and for autistic adults, the people who put something into it get a lot out of it and protects that.  Good things can be made to happen with good people. Everyone wins!

In addition to those already invited, there are a few spaces left for an early session 11am-1.30pm and 1.30pm to 4pm:

Happy days!


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