Making a Happy New Year!

We are all just a part of Nature but some of us connect better with it than others – it’s all a matter of personal preference and opportunity. There is a great deal of evidence confirming how finding your way to connect with nature can help reduce stress and anxiety and improve wellbeing. It’s important to find your own way but seeking an introduction to possibilities is also a good way to start:

Sit Spot; If you’re well wrapped-up and have, say, ten minutes to spare and access to a place to observe nature, then do it and measure how you feel and what you notice; any sounds, smells, textures where you sit and what you see all may surprise you and leave you feeling more calm.

Caring for a plant is known to bring a sense of wellbeing, too. It’s the aspect of nurturing something to full growth and the responsibility of care. We’ve all marvelled at a sunset or beautiful clouds and while some have the talent to draw or paint, others may be skilled with the camera. Some take delight in planning to cook what they have grown.

The pleasure, though is in the thought, planning and execution of a personal project and we’ve seen some amazing results from some amazing people – and there are more to come…and you know what? There’s such delight in seeing someone succeed with their plan because you know they’ll also be pleased for you, so a connect is built with others, too, all in a way that’s manageable, no pressure, no obligation, just making it good for yourself and enjoying the sharing of it.

We can make 2018 good, too, so let’s do it so we can deal with the rest of the world we face!


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