Spring Into Action!

However hard the front – true nature will always shine through!

At the time when it was realised that autism explained many aspects of my being, so many questions were answered and so many feelings were better understood – and that felt good. I’d been lucky enough to have space for gardening but wondered about others without this access to gardening space – so Auticulture Network was created. I’d experienced the benefits of contact with Nature myself and shared this in a therapeutic capacity through my work. There is a huge amount of evidence to support this view and I heard a report on BBC World Service, recently, telling how even access to a picture of a natural scene brought ease to the viewer.

What I also realised, though, while learning about Mindfulness, was that this was something I’d practiced for years as I was way-laid from my gardening task to observe some of the wonders of Nature happening around me. This extended beyond the growing space and I became more observant of Nature all around me and within me, realising – I’m just a part of this Nature, so it’s best to be attuned to this wonderful thing.

For me, the links with nature were and are everywhere, in geometric designs already mastered in natural forms, in textures of fabrics copied from nature, in engineering, art and colour sound and music – all inspired by Nature.  So pretty-much every interest I had I could trace back to an influence in Nature.

Nature is powerful and can be destructive too but without discrimination or malice.  Human nature can choose to use what power it possesses to the good or otherwise and reflecting on the effects of this and recovering from the effects of this has been all the more successful for me with Nature as my ally.

Nature offers stark reality. Beautiful, sometimes harsh, but real. This is such an antidote to the man-made nonsense that consumes so much of our lives, nowadays. Nature provides a point of security, a benchmark from which to work and grow in whatever way suits the individual best. You have to protect your enjoyment of this for someone will want to upset your apple-cart but to detach from those ways and enjoy Nature’s ways brings such empowerment, peace and joy…and a sense of connection so often missing in the hurly-burly of modern living. You can make your own way and the rest of the world can go and make it’s own way too. Nature helps you to enjoy what’s here, now, again and again. Enjoy! Spring is a time of growth whether we, as individuals, choose to do so or not. Spring is coming, very, very soon!