Auticulture Network provides free peer support to encourage autistic adults (18+) to find focus for self management by reconnecting with nature in as many ways as possible while enjoying its many proven restorative effects. Nature inspires and it can inspire you too, whatever your interests. So try it!

  • Use our natural spaces to relax and recover from the pressures of life
  • Create your individual projects or work communally – whichever you prefer
  • Join in our regular and one-off events and activities at your own pace
  • Fulfill your potential in your own way
  • Know that your peace and personal space will be respected and protected
  • Enjoy gardening and chat that can develop into a support network that suits you
  • Completely user-led and managed
  • Be involved in something worthwhile and of your own making


* NOTE – Our spaces are reserved only for autistic individuals looking to develop self-management skills and social contact, so funded care service providers and paid support staff cannot be accommodated.

We occasionally deliver activities on an outreach basis, however, for which a donation will be appreciated as we self fund all our activities.



One thought on “About

  1. Hi Richard, just want to say I love the new website looks great and by the look of things your keeping really busy. I will email you soon an update on some Grow and Learn materials that might be of interest to you.

    Hope you have a lovely summer, be good to catch up with you soon.
    Hidden Gardens

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