When you become a member of Auticulture Network it’s because you recognise a need for access to spaces that can become familiar to you, away from the demands of the world, daily life and more formally organised groups.

These are places to sit, relax and ponder….and find some clarity of thought.

We use our natural, open spaces to give free access to the wonders of nature, so the sounds, smells and observations can inspire and be enjoyed – they are proven to restore and revitalise, help us come back down to Earth, especially when life is challenging.

We ask only that each member respects the right of others present to enjoy these spaces in their individual ways.  Numbers are intentionally kept small and we ask that members check first before bringing along guests – just so no-one is surprised by changes. it’s simple courtesy.  We are not competitive with other groups as we all have different interests and there is no obligation to attend any activities arranged by members, though these often help to introduce new interests or spark ideas for individual projects which have been many and varied.

Growing, cooking, arts, crafts and photography – all satisfy many of our needs – just do your own thing, in your own way, in your own time – designed by you to enhance your independence and esteem…



One thought on “About

  1. Hi Richard, just want to say I love the new website looks great and by the look of things your keeping really busy. I will email you soon an update on some Grow and Learn materials that might be of interest to you.

    Hope you have a lovely summer, be good to catch up with you soon.
    Hidden Gardens

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