Space, Man…

Paths re-covered

From the sunshine and heat of last Friday, when we made a good start on clearing out our largest covered growing space yet, to the fresh and very plentiful rain of Monday when we re-covered the paths to our top beds and planted out more onions – hopefully to make use of the mild, wet weather, it was interesting to see that the diversity of weather doesn’t always put people off venturing out.

In each of the very different locations and conditions, there was a peace to be found and absorbed between the chat and the graft and the surprise at how much gets done in spite of this. It can be hard work but that’s often a good way to burn off any tension,  focusing the mind on a positive task, which can bring real relief.   You have to want to find that peace to be open to it and it’s good to escape the nonsense of the world and enjoy your own space, free of disturbance.  There’s a sense of achievement in the tasks you complete as well as the feelings this can evoke and that’s a good thing to take home and contemplate while relaxing in a nice warm bath…

We have a variety of growing projects planned and in preparation. Some of these will be guided by Gordon, putting his considerable gardening experience and qualifications to full use. You’ll see our raised bed on the right is earmarked for a very promising project coming soon from Frazer and Carol.  In the meantime, other members have their own things going on in their spaces, with some delightful results, bringing very individual successes – and we all need some of these in our lives, from time to time.

We’ll be reporting on our Open day soon…yes, that time of year already!  Time flies, so we may as well make the best of it, together and in our own individual ways.

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